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About Us

PD Damai Jaya Shipping & Trading Sdn Bhd is a third party service provider who acts as a Clearing Agent (or Custom Broker). We are licensed, regulated and empowered by Malaysian Customs and Border Protection to assist importers and exporters in meeting our Malaysian requirements governing imports and exports. We focus on the import side of an export transaction. For exporter, the exporter works with importer and its freight forwarder who then need to hire our service in order to help facilitate issues with an export transaction.

Therefore we are here to serve and to perform under the instruction of the clients and the principle (the exporter and/or importer) in arranging the necessary complete process for their shippers; such as vessel clearance; goods declaration; signing on/off of crews; renewal of article of agreement; renewal of statutory certificate; arranging transportation and/or accommodation for crews; updating terminal on vessel movements (estimated time arrival “ETA”); arranging medical check-up for crews; assist vessel in arranging provisions/stores/spare parts; bunkering; husbandry services; etc.

What makes our company an outstanding business culture is the kind that results in lasting, bottom-line benefits like creativity, innovation, and productivity. Productivity is our pride of ownership, and our employees are empowered to innovate and work in parallel in reaching important milestones.

With great assurance and confidence we can assure you our first class service by using us as your custom broker as a stepping stone, a venture which the procure services performed by us for the entire process of handling the necessary and related commercial activities would make shipping as seamless, stress hassle free as possible for the shipper. This will be a great advantageous to your business in many ways. Our service and delivery are our utmost important to all our clients.

Our Subsidiary

Toor Maritime is the company’s source solution provider for all our clients/customers transports and logistics needs. The company provides excellence launch services and logistics solutions across a multitude of industries with the unwavering support of our network partners. Our objective is to be a high quality and cost efficient provider

This vessel operates as added value services for a perfect collect effort having certificate and operation permit which meet the Marine safety standards and requirements as set under national law regulatory framework. You would enjoy the utmost convenience with our services, destination of your material. We provide individual support services for your every need with great experienced documentation and partnership network with major carriers/agencies as a third party Clearing Agent. We are ready to recommend personalized solutions to meet your changing needs with your end goal in mind.

With our extensive experience and capabilities; the company and the management team ensure high quality of operations and rigorous compliance with Maritime Health and Safety Standards and environmental regulations.

Toor Maritime offers an extensive suite of launch services, also provides with complete visibility and up to date reporting on the current status of its shipments. This level of transparency guarantees peace of mind and reassurance regarding the whereabouts of your crews and valuable goods.

The company is tailored specially to your business needs and specifications with dedicated the whole services and logistics process. We take pride in ourselves on the provision of superior shipping consolidation services, and our experience and innovative solutions separate us from the rest. Whether you require consolidation, logistics or distribution, we have all the solutions you need.