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Good Declaration

Renewal of statutory certificate

Arranging medical check

As a matter of fact, crew members have 1 in 11 chance to get injured while on duty. This probability is much higher than the majority of other occupations.

PD Damai Jaya Shipping Sdn Bhd, consider all the challenges of the occupation and environment.
Due to:

Current international regulation (Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006)), states that seafarers must receive equal quality of care as the population on shore.

Assist vessel in Arranging Provisions / Stores / Spare Parts

This service is very demanded due to the large number of advantages involved:


We are principally involved in the provision of ship to ship bunkering services as well as barging operations.

We expanded our operations in many states on securing a contract to deliver bunkering services to whole Malaysia support vessels. We further expanded by having anchored one of our vessels there to offshore support vessels.

Over the years, we have built our vessel asset strength. Presently, we own and operate several seven (7) Malaysian flagged vessels ranging from 500 by plying the territorial waters of Malaysia. This well-maintained fleet provides smooth and safe operation and has built a good reputation for our service in the market.

Husbandry Services

We delivers the best care for all your vessel’s husbandry matters in all ports.

You can rely on us to look after your interests and work our local knowledge and connections to take care of your crew and deliver fuel, spares and provisions on time and on budget. And all through a single contact and billed on a single invoice at standard rates for optimum efficiency.

Speedy and well-coordinated husbandry services enables fast vessel turn-around, and that helps you optimise your operational efficiency. Services include: